Module 5: The Paediatric Special Appointment

5This module, presented as a 62 page e-book, addresses those essential special appointments that should be an integral part of your paediatric management protocol. The child report visit and the most important visit are designed to ensure you consistently achieve the best clinical outcome for your paediatric patients.

The Paediatric Report Visit:

The child report visit is an essential procedure in a family wellness practice. The parents should leave your paediatric report visit confident that they are in the right place and excited about their child receiving their first adjustment. Parents should also know what to expect with coming visits, and have a clear appreciation for the safety of chiropractic. They should also know and appreciate the importance of the frequency and duration of their child’s schedule of care.

The Paediatric ‘Most Important Visit’

The most important visit is where you connect with that patient, where you connect with that family. The discussion on the most important visit ties together the important information covered in preceding modules, including the importance of clinical excellence with your examination and adjusting procedures. This module addresses those aspects of this essential consultation that will enable you to achieve the absolute best clinical outcome for the child.

This module is accredited for 6 CPD Hours 

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